Professional Flea Removal in Gloucester and Cheltenham

A close-up of a flea on human skin

Fleas (Siphonaptera).

Fleas are small, wingless pests that are known for their ability to rapidly infest homes and cause irritation to both humans and animals. These parasites thrive in warm, humid environments and can easily be brought into a home on the fur of pets or on the clothing of humans. Once inside, they can quickly reproduce and spread throughout the household, making them difficult to control and eradicate.

Flea bites can cause itchy, red welts on the skin, and constant scratching can lead to secondary infections. In addition to being a nuisance to humans, fleas can also pose a health risk to pets by transmitting diseases such as tapeworm and Bartonella. Due to their small size and ability to jump long distances, fleas can be difficult to spot and eliminate, making professional pest control intervention necessary in some cases.

To prevent a flea infestation, it is important to regularly groom and treat pets with flea prevention products, vacuum carpets and upholstered furniture frequently, and wash bedding and pet bedding in hot water. In severe cases, seeking the help of a pest control professional may be necessary to fully eliminate the infestation.