Pest control technicians attending cpd training

Pest Control CPD Training

An important aspect of being a professional pest control technician is being able to continue to provide clients with a safe, effective and reliable pest control service. In order to achieve this, it’s important for all pest control technicians to continuously learn by keeping up-to-date with an industry that is in a state of continuous change.

Whether it be the behavior of rodents, or a change in regulation/legislation, things can change in the pest control industry from day to day. So it’s imperative for all professional pest control technicians to be a member of a pest control association such as the NPTA or BPCA in order to be kept updated with everything and anything pest control related.

Being a member of one of these associations also provides proof and assurance that the technician is not only qualified, but also has a valid liability insurance policy. When a pest control technician is on the Basis Prompt register, it also means the technician has to accumulate the minimum required 20 points of annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training in order to remain on the register with a valid ID.

PestEx Professional Pest Control’s technician recently completed KillGerm’s Drainage Investigations and Rat Control Course to help the company  understand how rats are able to exploit damaged or/and incorrectly installed drainage systems in order to gain ingress into clients, properties. It also enables PestEx to resolve rat infestations that have in some cases gone on for several years.

This type of knowledge is invaluable if PestEx Professional Pest Control is to continue to deliver an effective and reliable pest control service to our clients. For dedicated drain survey and inspections PestEx highly recommend RatDetection which operates nationally.


Last updated: 09-07-2024