With the increase of pesticide resistance, for pest controllers, it’s a constant battle of staying ahead of the game by actively seeking out what works and what doesn’t when putting down treatment. With rodenticides, under-baiting and over-counter rodenticides have been blamed by many for the increase in the resistance of rodenticides and insecticides. For pest controllers, the only guaranteed way of killing rodents is either by shooting or trapping. But where mice and squirrels are inquisitive and curious, rats are the opposite.

When a rat detects anything new, it tends to avoid whatever it is that’s been placed there. At least for a week or so. This has proven to be problematic for pest controllers who place baited lethal traps where there is rat activity. As a result, many pest controllers now install CCTV cameras to monitor a rat’s neophobia (the fear of anything new). Black Cat traps seem to be the go to traps for a lot of pest controllers, as this make of trap has a powerful kill bar for a quick and humane despatch. The trap is also very robust and easy to clean.


Last updated: 09-07-2024

Various types of rodent traps on display