The ban on glue boards in England is set to come into effect in April 2024. The Glue Traps (Offenses Act 2022) was passed in 2022. This has been welcomed by the professional pest control industry, as glue boards have proved to be a menace when used by inexperienced and unqualified personnel.

The use of glue boards are to be banned. However, they will still be permitted to be used by qualified professional pest controllers, as the government recognize that glue boards, when used correctly and humanely, provide pest controllers with effective rodent control to help protect clients against rat and mouse infestations. 

The use of glue boards before the proposed ban was controversial, because the public were purchasing and using glue boards in a way that was indiscriminately trapping non-target species such as birds, as well as failing to inspect the traps at the required 12-hour period in order to humanely despatch the rodent(s).

There were too many instances where people were incorrectly placing glue traps down whilst going days, sometimes even months, without inspecting the traps. This leads to unnecessary suffering and slow deaths of animals. Although legal, PestEx prefers not to use glue boards. Instead, we control rodents using lethal spring traps to ensure an instant humane despatch.


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A mouse stuck on a pest control glue board